We Just Had To Lighten Up

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Not a better way to kick off our section of Lightening Up on our blog to talk about being lighter… as in our weight!

Now… weight and the loss thereof isn't going to be the only topic in our Lighter category. We actually want to focus this section on many aspects of your/our life where you can lighten your load… your mental baggage… get your motivation and mojo back… and get up and get going… and yes… if losing a few poundages is one of the goals you have in mind, then the aforementioned will help you get there.

But we (as in Tammy and I) can't really get the Living Lighter ball rolling without first dedicating our inaugural article about our weight and how our pant sizes got tooooo big and how we've got them back down and got rid of our plus size clothes.

Okay… let's get the obligatory before and after pictures out of the way… since you'll look at them anyway… plus you'll see that the results are real and the people are  real. But first why would we want or why are we covering this topic… why expose it on a public blog. Well… we really weren't planning on it… one's weight can and is such a personal thing. Well, because of our family and friends. The before picture was Easter weekend 2013

We had no intention of really including this, but a number of people have said that we have inspired them in our approach… our change… our metamorphosis. Really… us? We never looked at it that way, but those who know us wanted to know how we did it… what was the secret diet… no carbs, low carbs, nutrisystem, jenny, billbob… WHAT!?… did you guys do?

It's not a big secret and we didn't set out to inspire and motivate (other than ourselves) so we don't mind sharing. But the first and foremost thing you've got to keep in mind is that it isn't about the diet… any diet… or dieting… it's about changing your lifestyle. Both physically and mentally… you've got to start Living Lighter and that's what this part of our blog is all about… how we did it and are doing it.

Weight loss… if that's what you're after… isn't just about weight loss… that's just the end result… the end result you want right?

Okay Jeff… WHATever. Bye the way the after picture on the right was taken a year later some 35-40 lighter (physically and mentally) for each of us.

Okay fun-seeking reader you… then here ya go… the big secret… no hype… no  product to push on you or sell… no need to keep reading about the how we really did it… right to the bottom line so you can click on to another site another promise… here's the no bull (even simple math formula) of how to get it done… and how we did it.

Shhhhhh… don't tell anyone… we want to later sell this and make millions $$$$….

Here's what we did…. come closer… we raised our level of exercise while lowering our caloric intake. Okay… that's it see ya later… adios… bye-bye.


Thanks goodness you didn't have to read very far to get that little nugget… that little gem of advice eh?

No diet plan?…. nope not really… but we'll give you the details later as we go.

No canned or boxed diet… or hackneyed work out videos invested in?… nope.

Well, in the spirit of full disclosure I did try one of those PB or PX workout things… one of those follow along for 20 minute deals… lasted about one time for me… just not my motivational running gear if you know what I mean.

So what types of your favorite foods did you have to sacrifice in favor of what real food eats?

Nothing really… but if you're still with me… re-read our secret math formula a couple of lines ago. Again, ate less calories than we were burning. Such a simple concept.

Now don't get us wrong here… we did start eating healthier and healthier portions… but still folks… if you want to consume a few thousand calories a day… then guess what… in order to burn those bad boys off you're going to have to heat up you body with some good ol fashioned exercise and git er done.

So we've probably really lost you now… you guys are just nuts…or at least being completely flippant about this… no we are not… we are completely serious and if you want to know how just follow along.

Step number 1… número uno… the big kahuna…

Burn (no pun intended) this number into your mind… and don't forget it…. 3,500

Got it… good… and believe in it.

It's a basic mathematical calculation of the number of calories in a pound.  Keep in mind, if you just followed that link, you'll see all kinds of links to other articles about how this calculation isn't accurate, or that it's a myth, it doesn't take in to account one's metabolic rate, and it doesn't necessarily equate to fat loss because it could be and will be tissue loss, water loss… and…. blah, blah, blah… oh good God man… Stop the pin-headed paralysis by analysis insanity… and oh really… read this.

If you're going to argue the point and the math and on and on… click somewhere else… because you're taking your mindset down the wrong rabbit hole. I get all the scientific minutia and don't disagree… but we're talking about simple motivation. Being able to really track your motivation… and holding yourself to a simple plan and keeping your mind clear and your focus on.

3,500 get it and use it. Keep your focus simple and you'll win.

My real life example… there are others that we'll talk about but for now… as the weight loss part of my transformation process was underway… which by the way did/does include exercise and activity (because I don't want to give up eating everything I truly like)… I always enjoyed a nice (rather large) blueberry muffin each morning. Now you can say… holy cow… Jeff… there's the problem right there!

Well sort of… remember I said I was getting more exercise and in fact, had tucked that number of 3,500 into my frontal lobe. And I was beginning to lose weight… so there.

This blueberry muffin and/or my cinnamon-coffee muffin (I like them both) came in on the calorie scale of (using round numbers) of 500 calories. Remember, I had amped up my exercise and these calories were a part  of my day and I knew that I was going to burn them and then some… Hey I was on the right track… stay with me here for a moment.

But as we all know… getting out regularly and exercising (raising one's heart rate) isn't an easy thing to do… especially when you've worked so hard to put those pounds on. But I did do the math… remember… keep it simple… and I did.

500 calories a day for me and my muffin… hmmmm. 7 days a week… that's 3,500 calories/week… remember that 35 number thing? I did… that's my pound for the week.

I think I forgot to mention that as a part of my transformation my goal to go after was to discard/get rid of (I don't like lose because when you lose something you generally try to find it or get it back) simply 1 pound per week and think long term… another key point.

So, I thought for a moment… patting myself on my back for starting to lose the weight… but really… I told myself  If I do nothing more than stop eating that daily muffin… that's a pound a week… or another pound a week! No mods to my activity and exercising. Just keep doing what I've been doing as far as activity level and that's another pound right there.

I took on this small muffin challenge… otherwise kept my same routine and watched another plateau come and go.

Again… one last time… this isn't about disputing the 3,500 calories equaling a pound stuff… it's about a mindset and what works for you. How you hold yourself accountable and how you celebrate and enjoy your successes… this was/is an incredibly easy formula and target for me to track… and most importantly stay focused on.

Tammy once said it best one day when I asked if she wanted a little extra yummy with her dinner… no thanks she said… that's not what I want to spend my calories on! Great point my dear. You have have to choose what you want to spend your calories on… aka offset any exercise/activity/workout you've accomplished for the day.

So far we've talked about the math… and yes it math when it comes to weight lose (or gain) for that matter… you can argue how much math or what the number is but at the end of the day you have teach/motivate yourself to burn more than you take in… and barring some type of genetics or medical situation… it's just that simple.

That's it for now… just for now… more on how to make it work… how we made it work… how you can too… much of the secret is in truly Lightening Up.

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