My Top Uses For Lemon Essential Oil

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young living lemon essential oilAll of us are familiar with the refreshing scent of lemon. Such a wonderfully recognizable scents don't you think? Let's take a look at a few of the uses for lemon essential oil.

It's easy to understand why Lemon is one of Young Living’s top selling essential oils and I love it!

The strong citrus scent of lemon is not only both revitalizing and uplifting, it has limonene… a strong antioxidant. Lemon can also be helpful for your skin and we all know that it can be used to complement the flavor of our foods, tea, and water.

Young Living essential oil is a part their Everyday Oils™ collection because the lemon essential oil is so popular! And since this oil is so versatile it makes a great option to for people to get to know about Young Living!

You'd expect (and you'd be correct) that there are a whole bunch (and counting) of uses for this wonderful essential oil.

Lemon Essential Oil In The Laundry –

Have you ever gone off or dozed off and left your laundry in the washer long after it has completed? Well I (and my husband) certainly have! If so, just add a few drops of Young Living's lemon essential oil and your clothes won't get that stinky, rank, damp smell.

Cleaner Hands –

My husband sometimes comes in from working around the house with some pretty dirty and greasy hands. Not a problem with a little help from our lemon essential oil. Just add a couple of drops to the soap and off comes the dirt, grease and grime.

Natural Disinfection –

Around the house minimizing the use of harsh chemicals to disinfect surfaces is something we always try to implement. Lemon oil can be a great alternative to those chemical solutions. And on that note, you can add a few drops to your hand lotion and you've added a nice hand sanitizer.

Lemon Essential Oil For Flavoring Your Water –

Adding a bit of lemon oil to your water is always one of the great uses for lemon essential oil. It's really very refreshing and a great alternative to sodas and/or other sugary beverages. Not only refreshing, but lemon essential oil can naturally help cleanse your body.

Add Some Zest To Your Food –

The uses for lemon oil in food and desert recipes is almost endless. I'll be passing along some of my favorites as I continue to add to the blog! In the meantime, don't be afraid to experiment and look up some recipes for your favorite types of foods… and drinks for that matter!

Love The Smell Of Lemon –

Diffusing the lemon essential is quite simply one of my favorite ways to use it! When diffused, lemon oil will fill the air with an uplifting aroma and even help promote a better mood for you! The lemon scent will also provide an air cleansing scent. So, if you like to eliminate odors and for your home to smell fresh, lemon essential oil can be your go to oil.

Sticky and Goopy Be Gone –

The natural cleansing properties of lemon oil is a great way to break through and get rid of sticky and goopy messes without having to scrub and scrub and scrub… and use toxic chemicals. Just add a little lemon oil directly to the problem area or to your cleaning rag.

lemons for essential oils

Okay all… these are just a quick few of my favorites when it come to using my Young Living lemon essential oil and I've not begun to cover all the uses of this versatile oil!

Send me note or leave a comment and share with us on any of your uses for lemon essential oil!

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