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So many years ago… back in analog days of loading your film into your 35mm camera then taking your pics in somewhere to have them developed.

I was into photography and learning more and more with each outing. Back then, I didn't do any of the developing myself but still enjoyed heading out to different places and seeing what types of pictures I could discover.

As life would have it. . . priorities would change as would jobs and careers. . . and then a little thing called marriage and the responsibility for two wonderful kids. . . they take after their mother. But through all this my love for photography went to the back burner. No complaints mind you, I just had other loves and things to focus on and get right.

Fast forwarding to a time when the kids were grown and successfully on their own, Tammy came home one day with a gift for me. . . a new DSLR camera. Being a bit taken back and confused she told me that she loved looking at the pictures I had taken way back when and it was now time for me to re-engage my passion.

That's great! One problem. . . so many years ago and so very different (all manual) equipment. Now a new tech camera with more screens, menus to navigate, and ways to take and process pictures than I'd ever worked with. But don't get me wrong. . .  very excited for the challenge.

So this is my little section of this website. . . photography.

But this site is all about living lighter, simpler, making positive, permanent changes in your life right?

Very true, but it's also about enjoying what you enjoy. Embrace your passion. . . like photography.

With that in mind, and the fact that this site is also about two people and how they changed. . . and sharing it with you. . . this section of the site will cover photography and more specifically geared to those who would like to learn more about how to get started. Or, as I did. . . re-started.

So, it'll be the basics, the foundation to build upon. It won't be about the nitty gritty technical stuff, there are plenty of places for that once you've outgrown my little area here. I just want to give back or pass on to anyone that would like to get started and go beyond cell phone pictures and selfies and really understand the architecture of taking shots.

We'll get together on composition, lighting, f-stops, exposure, shutter speeds, ISO, and more so you can turn your passion on and your creativity loose and learn how to capture even beyond what your eye can see!

Getting started, I'll give you hint. . . Composition.

Composition is something you can practice even without a camera. . . certainly not quite as fun as going out and firing off shots, but composition is the eye of the picture, without it you'll struggle and catch no one's eye.

Lesson #1 Syllabus for you:

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” – Ansel Adams

Loosely translated – you can have all the myriad of settings in your camera just where you want them. . . even have the perfect light (of course we'll cover lighting) but if your composition isn't clear. . . well you get the gist of Mr. Adams quote just above.

So with that in mind. . . Hey I've got an idea. . . I think I'll start with the basics of composition in photography.

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