Ignoring Your Skin? Think Again!

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I have been obsessed with skin care for as long as I can remember.  My mother and both grandmothers taught me from a very young age to care for my skin.  Here’s a few of my favorite tips.

LOVE Sunscreen And Use It Daily –

While we all know this important tip, I grew up in Florida and happily spent a ton of time out in the sun.  Many times, liberally applying baby oil and cooking myself for hours laying on a giant sheet of tin foil!  Fun?  Oh yeah!  But when I hit my 30s I started to get way too many ugly reminders of sun damage from all of that time spent baking in the sun.  So I had to stop those shenanigans and try to repair some of the damage.  Today I am still outside all the time, but today I use SPF 50, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when outside and I use a whole lot of moisturizer.

Gently Wash You Face Daily And Never Over Exfoliate –

It’s important to use a gentle cleanser and use a gentle touch on your face.  After all, it’s the only one you will ever have!  So don’t help gravity by tugging on your face, applying lotions and makeup using downward motions or using too much pressure.  Keep it gentle!  With exfoliation, which I truly love but still have a notion to overdo it if I am not careful, moderation is the best plan.  So, only once or twice a week is best.

Eat A Healthy Whole Food Diet –

I know you don’t want to hear it but your diet definitely impacts your skin.  When you fill up your body with a vegetable rich diet, you are giving your body the best nutrients for glowing youthful healthy skin.  Keeping well hydrated also helps your skin to appear younger and helps your pores to be less noticeable.  Choose to fill your diet with high sugar, processed junk food and your skin will pay you back with dull, unhealthy looking skin.  As much as I hate it, the fact is genetics can only take you so far.  We all need a little help!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize –

And before you can do that, wash your face!  Never, ever go to bed with your makeup still on.  Yes, there are times we are all tired and just want to crawl in the bed, but there’s just no excuse for not taking 5 minutes and washing your face, getting rid of your makeup and the dirt from the day and applying a good moisturizer.  As we age, and yes, we all are aging, skin becomes naturally drier and less elastic.  Applying a good moisturizer helps to penetrate the skin and hold on the moisturizer where it is most needed.  Helping to replenish the skin’s natural oils, helping with chemical exfoliation of dead skin and even helping turn back the hands of aging are all important functions of moisturizers.  Be sure to do your research and choose the best moisturizer for your skin.

Treat Your Neck, Décolletage And Hands The Very Same As You Do Your Face –

One of the biggest mistakes I think we make is just taking wonderful care of our faces and forgetting about the neck, décolletage and hands.  It is one of the tell-tell signs of aging!  Haven’t you ever noticed those folks who have gorgeous facial skin and then you glance lower and their neck and chest are screaming their age!  Don’t forget after your face, your neck, décolletage and hands!  These spots will definitely tell your age!  They matter! So, whatever wonderful regimen you are following for your face, just keep that going and treat these troublesome areas with the same program.

Skin care should be a daily routine and one that you enjoy as you give yourself permission to do something wonderful just for you!  Take the time to treat your skin well.  I promise you it will pay you back with gorgeous dividends!

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