Get Out To Workout

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The very word “workout” obviously contains the root word “work”…. yuuuuuk.

Not the most inspiring term to think about as you think about your routine and your goal of self improvement right? Well one of the keys to any type of regular exercise… errrr workout is to be creative with it. Think of ways to vary your routine… make it interesting.

One of my favorite activities for my “workout” is simply to “get out” to “workout”!

Forget the darn timer, forget counting reps, laps, etc… get outside and find a trail, a path, a walkway (especially one you've not been to) and go explore! Somewhere where you don't necessarily know what's around every corner, or over every hill… and especially one where the destination is a beautiful or relaxing place for you!

Getting out for a brisk walk in nature is even more beneficial to you than just the physical aspect and it makes your “workout” more varied and much more fun and enjoyable!


Do You and Jeff always get a chance to get out and go?

Good question. The the bottom line is no we don't. In fact, a couple of years ago we bought an elliptical for our home that we use.

But here's the bigger point.

The elliptical is our backup source for when we just don't have the time or the weather just isn't cooperating. For these times the machine will do the trick. But without question, we have come to need our outdoor fix. Whether it's just going to a nearby park's trail system or up in mountains for an extended hike or snowshoeing, we take the time to get away. . . both physically and mentally. In fact, next on our radar that we want to try is cross-country skiing. . . we'll see and report back!

Maybe you're the type that really does prefer the simple no muss no fuss approach to just hopping on a treadmill or whatever the choice. . . plugging in your ear buds, streaming a show or movie to your smartphone, or turning on the ol TV and getting after your workout. To that, I would say that first of all, if you're getting the activity in on a regular basis and it's working for you kudos!

But please allow me to toss out a challenge to your routine. . .

Try getting out. . . turn off the canned noise from whatever the source that's pumping directly into your ears and brain and get out and absorb the world around you. Listen to all nature's elements that are speaking that you may not have listened to in a while. . . take the time to immerse.

One of Jeff and my-self's favorite moments is when we are out snowshoeing in woods of the mountains with several feet of snow on the ground, and all the streams and falls frozen over, the quiet that surrounds one's self in such a vast area is beyond tranquil. You can hear every little noise that the forest makes down to the subtle creaking of the branches. And after snowshoeing the trail for a while and you pause to catch your breath, you literally hear the beating of your heart in the stillness of the moment. . . good-bye stress.

Oh. . . and by the way. . . success is not always immediate with all things new. . . maybe your first time trying something new is a bit challenging (like my first time going “from no shoes to snowshoes”). . . clearly not the most effective use of one's snowshoes!  But don't give up, in fact embrace these moments. . . even as your husband laughs historically while taking (capturing) multiple photographic memories. . . while you tell him you don't want his help.   😉

So give it try. . . always be willing to give it a try. Temporary setbacks will never prevent you from achieving lasting success.

Start by accepting the challenges of a new adventures no matter what the size or shape. Nothing to lose (except for a few more pounds and some stress). Besides, your old routine will always be there waiting for you to come back. . . .

But maybe. . .  juuuuust maybe. . . changing your shoes could change everything!






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