Crushing 50

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We humans are living longer. How we think about and internalize our age is changing! Today 50 is the new 40 so let's embrace and enjoy those extra years!

Not sure how?

Maybe just make it a point to begin to explore more of the world around you and maintaining your health is a great way to start!

No time like the present to get going on this new (younger) you!

For this article let's take a look at a few basic ideas to get your brain working in a new direction for getting the most out being you! Remember motivation gets you started but the habits keep you going. So with that in mind, here are a few thoughts to help you get started so let's get going… let's Crush 50!

  • Feed your curiosity.
  • Find a new or rekindle an old passion or hobby.
  • Get out and go. . . travel and road trips whenever possible.
  • Expand your brain. . . and your education. Tackle new learning experiences. . . you may find a new passion along the way down this road less traveled!
  • Engage, participate and volunteer in your community.
  • Expand your social sphere. . .  reconnect and dust off old friendships. Find and connect with groups with similar interests and activities.
  • Life is to be enjoyed and now we have even more time to do so.
  • The first step to getting the most out of your renewed age is to maintain your health and well being. So let's talk about that.

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