Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

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I nocedarwood essential oilw know what a fabulous oil this is, but I at first, I had no idea what to actually do with it, so it sat on my shelf for months and months! You may have heard about Cedarwood oil and its ability to be used as an insect repellent. But Cedarwood has many other uses as well.

Since I don't want you to make the same silly mistake, I thought I would offer up a few suggestions for what Cedarwood essential oil is used for.

Cedarwood has a woodsy, warm scent and has anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antiseptic and astringent properties. It is well known for its calming effect, skin care, hair care and restful properties.

Sleep –

Cedarwood essential oil works great for me to relieve stress and tension. It has natural sedative and calming properties to it… so I take advantage of this and why my favorite use is Cedarwood essential oil for sleep! I like to either diffuse Cedarwood alone or I add it to lavender and diffuse both. Cedarwood for sleep is a most wonderful find!

Skin –

As you know, I am obsessed with skin care and adding Cedarwood essential oil to my skin care routine has really helped to smooth my skin. Smoothing my skin helps me to reduce the dullness. It's easy to add Cedarwood essential oil to your skin care routine. Just add a couple drops to the lotion that you already use or your soap. Or even add a few drops to nice relaxing bath!

Scalp & Hair –

I love healthy, shiny hair and I feel I look younger when I know I am taking great care of my body. So I have been adding 1 drop of Cedarwood essential oil into my shampoo and conditioner for over a year now. I have been beyond happy with the results! Hello shiny, healthy hair!

It Smells Great –

Even if you haven't thought about what else you can use this wonderfully versatile oil, it's natural scent and aroma is a good enough reason… it smells great!

Take The Time To Get To Know Cedarwood –

Cedarwood is also a great supporting oil in a bunch of other blends. It's really a very versatile oil to have around. So don't make the same mistake I did! Open that bottle of Cedarwood essential oil and prepare to fall in love!

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