Looking At Composition In Photography

  All of us take pictures for a variety of reasons. Many use DSLR cameras and many use their cell phone cameras. I, in fact, use both. I use both for different reasons and for different purposes and outcomes. At the end of the day, I think we take pictures […]

Weighing In On Your Balance In Photography

  There is one “rule” when it comes to composition in photography that probably isn’t talked about or written about as much as these other “rules” and that is balance. You’ll note that I put the “rule” in quotes. I do this because rules really aren’t hard and fast rules. […]

Using The Rule Of Thirds In Photography

  What Is The Rule of Thirds? If you’ve even mildly been dabbling in your curiosity on photography and capturing and composing better images, you’ve probably bumped into the term “Rule of Thirds”. So what is it and how do we use the rule of thirds in our quest to […]

Composition In Photography

  Okay. So you may be wondering. Jeff why start with composition in photography? How about f-stops, ISO, shutter speed. You know the whole exposure triangle thing? In fact, before we get started right here, if you’ve not had a chance to look over my primer article on composition in […]


  So many years ago… back in analog days of loading your film into your 35mm camera then taking your pics in somewhere to have them developed. I was into photography and learning more and more with each outing. Back then, I didn’t do any of the developing myself but […]

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