Travel & Treks

The Hike To Fern Lake

  The Fern Lake trail is a great trail to start out on and hike as much or as little as you like. Heading out the trail is relatively flat or just a bit wavy with the Big Thompson River along side you. Just before you get to The Pools […]

Road Trip for the Brave

  Once the day came to begin the trek west, the leaving FL part happened all too quickly, which left me a little off kilter.  But with adventure in my heart and with Butch secured nestled on his customized table for the ride, it was the click of seat belts […]

Hiding Place Of Powder

  The Cache la Poudre River pronounced “Poo-der” . The name of the river roughly means “Hide the powder” in French. It refers to an incident in the 1820s when French trappers, caught by a snowstorm, were forced to bury part of their gunpowder along the banks of the river.

We Just Had To Lighten Up

  Not a better way to kick off our section of Lightening Up on our blog to talk about being lighter… as in our weight! Now… weight and the loss thereof isn’t going to be the only topic in our Lighter category. We actually want to focus this section on […]

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