Health & Fitness

Hydration…The Queen of Fitness Foundation

    Making the change to simply drink water all day every day has been a huge part of this journey! I read a blog post some time ago that said, you’re not hungry, you’re thirsty. . . know the difference! I do a much better job these days of […]

Our First 4 Steps Toward Healthy Living

  Fitness and weight loss. . . you can’t have one without the other! Well. . . unless you want to count somewhat starving yourself. But let’s be healthy too, shall we! Early on in our journey to restoring our health, I read a fitness blog that said, “You can’t […]

Get Out To Workout

  The very word “workout” obviously contains the root word “work”…. yuuuuuk. Not the most inspiring term to think about as you think about your routine and your goal of self improvement right? Well one of the keys to any type of regular exercise… errrr workout is to be creative […]

Yoga… Flexible Fit & Sane

  Stay calm!  Don’t judge!  Yes, I do yoga and have for many years now!  My goal this year is to increase my time spent with yoga as a part of my daily workout routine to at least 30 minutes every single day.  I am happier and healthier when I […]

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