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From No Shoes to Snow Shoes. . .

Hello and Welcome to Beaches to Peaks!  We're glad you’re here.

My name is Tammy Norris Purcell and Jeff is my husband.  Although we have always been health conscious, we have been passionately following a healthy and active lifestyle for the past 4 years and have learned a lot along our journey.

A quite unexpected cross country move forced us to re-evaluate everything in our lives and we found that we didn’t much like what we found.  We were stressed beyond belief, emotionally spent, inactive, overweight and doing absolutely nothing to change our lives.  So when Jeff accepted a completely unexpected and completely incredible job offer, we knew we were going to have to transfer within just a few months.

Once that decision was made, the next decision was pretty easy. . . we decided to literally change everything about our lives!  Yep. . . we called it our re-boot!

We made a conscious decision as we began our drive cross country to choose to leave the stress behind and find a life rooted in peacefulness, happiness, health and strength.   Has it been easy?  Absolutely not!  Did it happen pretty quickly?   Absolutely not, but, my friends, it has been oh, so worth it!   Don’t ever doubt that, after all, nothing worth having, ever really comes easy!

I have been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years and have always been interested in all things health and wellness with a driven desire to also help others also reach their optimal health.  But it wasn’t until this gigantic life change that I realized how far I had allowed “life” to take me away from my soul’s desire and my life’s foundation of health as an RN.

I am a lifelong student of science and how all things “back to basics” help me to feel much healthier and happier.  This simple healthy life I live is a choice and it’s one that has restored my soul and my health.  I truly believe that passionately living your faith, eating healthy nutritious simple foods, staying physically and mentally active and surrounding yourself with those you love are the keys to a long and healthy life.

This blog is all about how our move across the country took us from the much beloved beaches of Florida to the stunning Peaks of the Rocky Mountains and how changing shoes from our flip flops and sandals to our hiking boots and snow shoes changed everything!

Join the fun!  We would love to hear from you and how health and fitness has changed your journey.

So, here’s our story of the Nurse and the Photographer!