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As you might imagine, running and managing any website is not without a certain amount of expenses and our site is no exception. From the web hosting of the site that makes it available for all to see, to photography, video and audio equipment and the software necessary to process this type of content there are many expenses required for us to provide our fans with a quality and resourceful end product… aka Beaches To Peaks!

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Our blog is supported by our readers and because of you we can keep it going. Our mission is to help you discover your path to ultimate health and wellness through passionately living your faith, eating healthy nutritious simple foods, staying physically and mentally active and surrounding yourself with those you love.

To help beachestopeaks pay for these ongoing costs we use referral links throughout the site where relevant to the discussion or information provided.

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Also, as a part of the site, we will share with you the products that we use and believe in as well as the ones we have tried and may provide referral links to these as well. We will always share with you our honest opinion and research information on these products as a means to help you with your information gathering and decision making. Of course, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We truly appreciate your support and are excited to continue this journey with you!


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